Chinese Herbal Medicine (CHM) is a safe, natural and effective way to naturally help the body create and/or restore wellness. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), a healthy body is one that is balanced and harmonized. Herbs can create this harmony by increasing free flow of qi and blood in the body, preventing disease, releasing toxins, and generally restoring the body’s natural ability to heal itself.


  • Herbal Consultations are included with the Initial Acupuncture Appointment and the Follow-up Appointments. (They are not included in the Quick Acupuncture Appointments.) Holistic supplements and Western nutraceutical supports are evaluated as well.
  • Herbal Consultations can be done on their own either in person or over the phone. The appointment is 30 minutes and costs $50.

Some Chinese herbs are actually foods or herbs you may already be familiar with. For example, mint (also known in Chinese as Bo He) is often prescribed to help clear a cold, headaches, or sinuses. Other foods such as ginseng, ginger, mulberry, radish seeds, tangerines, are also used in formulas, though you may not recognize them by their Chinese or Latin names on the bottles.

All types of health issues can benefit from herbs: infertility, digestive problems, colds and flus, allergies, and many more. Please ask Kerri if your health concern can benefit from herbs. Chinese Herbs come in many forms in today’s times: pills, tablets, capsules, liquid tinctures, powders, and also in their raw form to be made into a tea.

Every effort is made to ensure the safety of the herbs prescribed. The companies that supply the herbs and formulas follow all of the current safety and health rules and regulations. For example, she uses Crane Herb Company, who is the distributor of the Chinese Herbal Medicine for traditional Allopathic/Western hospitals, such as the Cleveland Clinic.

Kerri has recently begun understanding the benefits of CBD and other forms of CBD, like CBDA. She will be happy to discuss if CBD is right for you. Green Compass is an excellent company that offers USDA Certified Organic CBD and Hemp products, is a vertically integrated company, and maintains the highest level of transparency in regards to their farming and practices. Please visit this website for more information and great video resources: http://KCMyatt.greencompassglobal.com

The clinic also features the CBD Clinic topical creams! These are great to alleviate pain and inflammation, and hopefully reduce the use of NSAIDs or other pain killers. Please visit their website for more information: http://cbdclinic.co

Kerri’s training and education includes learning all of the contraindications of the herbs as well as any potential dangers of combinations of Eastern and Western medicines.

Not all patients are candidates for herbal medicines. For example, if a patient is currently taking multiple Western medicines, herbal treatments may not be prescribed so as not to interfere with the integrity of the allopathic prescription. If, however, a patient wants to titrate off of a Western medication, Kerri is willing to work with the patient and the prescribing physician in order to serve safely the best interests of the patient.

Cost of herbs is roughly $25-$45* for 10 day supply.

*Cost varies depending on types of herbs used, as some are more costly.

During the initial visit all patients are required to inform Kerri of any and all medications or supplements they are taking, to ensure their safety if they decide to take herbs.

Patients are not required to take herbs.